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playing since 1959 with s slew of subpar amps and Guitars now That I can afford most anything, getting finger stiffness, too bad !
Hi, I’m fairly new at the Gretsch scene. However, I’ve always admired them. I recently purchased a G5622T that has a high lo tron bridge pick up and a broadtron neck pick up. Is that normal?
I love the gretsch sound, put filters in my 5129. Some said I was mad to remove the Dearmonds but they’re not like Dynasonics (will likely sell the Dearmonds as never been close to refitting). Also got a red sparkle G6129 and fitted Setzer pickups which suit the guitar well. People talk about "the golden age of guitars" but, as far as Gretsch goes, I think that is right now. That will provoke some comments I'm sure!
Hi, I'm going to buy a g5222,I need a solid case for It, I think I 've got One buy I don't know of it's wide enough. Could anyone tell me how wide Is the body of a g5222, I couldn't find anywhere in the web. Thank,bye 👍👍

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