Xvive U2 wireless guitar system?

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Nov 5, 2022
Rookie question:
Do any of you use a wireless system with your guitars? Are they any good? I’m thinking it might be fun for practice around the house; be able to get up and walk around; get further away from the amp; not get tangled up. What do you think? Cool gadget? Waste of money?


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Jul 23, 2019
I got nearly four hours from a single charge once, for a long holiday service. Was really handy being wireless without a cable on the floor for the choir to trip on between where I was sitting and the DI box on the floor near the piano.

If you really needed more than four hours, I found that they both will actually work while plugged in and recharging. And they can be powered by an external USB-rechargeable battery pack, so that gives you some extended time if you needed it. You could possibly strap an external battery pack to your strap and plug in the Tx unit while connected to the guitar.

I think you could get two units and operate one Tx connected to two Rx units if you needed to send a signal to an amp and a PA without wires too.


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Got them when they first came out. Over all i like them. I have a few guitars that dont work well with them, they create some sort of ground buzz, but over all it works with most. My wifes acoustic tenor guitar had an internal pickup that did not work well, so i had to install a fishman sound hole pickup. It no longer sounds as acousticy, but it works. I thought it may have been the battery preamp, but it has worked with a few fender acoustisonic guitars i had, and they have batteries. Go figure. My dislike of cables allows me to use these and not feel or hear a difference between cables. If i walk out in front of where we are playing to get levels and sound checks, it starts to Break up. There is that slight delay the further away you go. Also depends on the facility. Some places i have walked outside a good distance and it held the signal, some indoor places i get about 20 feet away and it starts to be noticeable. Most gigs i am no where near that far away from my amp/PA. Worth the cost when you look and see what high end ones go for.


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Oct 17, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
I've been using a cheap Lekato 5.8 Ghz Wireless for the past year and a half and very pleased although I'm not gigging so can't comment on it's suitability for that. Love not having to be tethered by a cable. Takes about 1/2 hour to charge and lasts close to 4 hours.


Dec 3, 2019
I own the HB clones of these, and I got a second box of them. They are great but when I started using more complexity on my pedalboard or the Helix Stomp, you start to detect the interference and loss of some frequencies. I expect that is the time then to consider a professional rack mounted wireless system or go back to cable. I actually use cable quite a lot because of this and have gone back to it. I would certainly use it a pro system for gigging as not having a conduit for an electric shock like a cable running into a guitar makes it a lot safer and free feeling. It all depends on if you think you tone is being sucked or not. These cheaper units can work for less critical situations. It is great to walk around the house practicing with your amp upstairs.