Why Are You Here?


May 11, 2022
Washington, DC
There was a post on mylespaul asking what people thought of the schecter Solo ii custom, which many people rave about, which is unambiguously les-paul-like, and which is an objectively beautiful guitar (though I thought its aesthetic was a little too vampire for my liking). Anyway, the unanimous forum opinion was that it should either be thrown in the trash, or set on fire.

Whereas here, somebody *tried* to start a flame war, and the thread ended up filled with carrot recipes.

The choice was pretty easy.


Senior Gretsch-Talker
Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Hung and sniffed around the usual LP and Strat forums. The crowd could be obnoxiously defensive on what seemed a life style choice instead of a simple luxury product, also way too many kiddies. Banned from both the Epiphone and Gibson forums for being mildly critical of their products(and perhaps Henry J in passing).

I like it here. Weather is good, and they walk around me in a wide berth.
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Apr 20, 2021
Saint Paul, MN USA
I got the itch to get a Setzer Smoke. I came here for thoughtful discourse about the merits of the instrument. Plus I’d already made up my mind I was gonna do it and I had a feeling y’all would give me a gentle nudge to fulfill my dream. After a full body check into the boards (a bit more than a nudge), I got the Smoke and haven’t put it down since.