Who likes a wound 3rd string?

Do you use a wound 3rd string?

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Mr Twangy

Dec 27, 2020
I was suffering longterm onset of madness owing to endless tuning stability issues with the ol' G-string when I read someone's suggestion to try a wound one. I use 10s so I decided to try a D'Addario set with a wound 3rd. Wow, instant relief. It not only cured the tuning problem but I really like the sound of it too. Timbre-wise the wound 3rd transitions really nicely with the 4th and also with the the unwound 5th. It sounds more like it belongs than the unwound 3rd before - all the clanginess is gone and chords sound more balanced. It is slightly stiffer for bends because it's an .18 after all but I got used to it quickly. I love it. Who all likes a wound G out there?
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Dec 23, 2010
Tappan N.Y.
Absolutely . Been using it ( same set of strings as you ) for years now .
( no pun intended ) I've often said that the wound "G" gives me that extra twang ....Mr. Twangy :)


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Oct 17, 2018
New Brunswick, Canada
Always used a wound G on my guitars until a couple of years ago. At my present stage in life, ie age, I still like to solo with lots of bending and it's easier for me with an unwound 3rd. I use 10's and as BB King once said to .....(fill in the blank)...." Why are you working so hard" when they were using something like 12's.
I don't have any problem with tuning stability but here's an opinion on the matter.


Mr Twangy

Dec 27, 2020
No : bends are poor with a 3rd string wound, that's why I use plain ones.

But it's me, OK ? 😁

For sure. I find that with a full step bend it goes 90% of the way with no effort but for the last 10% I've got to bear down. I mostly fudge it a bit. It's a fair point though.
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May 29, 2016
Illinois USA
Wound G on everything I prefer the sound of a D chord with a wound G.
The A is so sharp otherwise.
I have never noticed a difference when bending strings but I probably bend to much ... I'm a Bender
A kid that plays guitar heard me play and said to me .. Oh your a Bender.


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May 1, 2018
Oh I didn't know that!
Also check out stringjoy, their sets are all like $11.50 and you can make custom sets for no extra charge. On my Strat I was using them and made a 12-56 set with a .18 wound G. It sounds heavy but that was the surf rod 🤙🏻. They won’t go lighter than .18 for a wound string because the core becomes too thin and strings would be breaking left and right!

Lou Coppolino

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Jul 23, 2022
Howell, NJ


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May 25, 2022
New York
I use a wound G on all my guitars, acoustic and electric. The reason are timbre and balance. I play mostly finger style. The timbre from strings plucked with my long fingers and strummed or rubbed across by my thumb is much closer on the G string when it is wound and balance or loudness differences between strings is better. I’ll never go back to a plain G.


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Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
I love a wound G! If you play 10’s (I do) and that .22 is too stiff (which it is) daddario makes a 10-46 set with a .18 wound G.

Yep, these. You can get GHS Boomers in that gauge set too. I kinda go back and forth between these two brands, depending on what I can find.

If you play heavier gauge strings in the first place you might not like the wound third, but with lights they're perfect, imho. As far bends go, I'm not one of those guys smashing 'em hard. The .18's are still light enough to go where I need 'em to, usually no more than a single pitch.

For me, anything with a Bigsby gets a wound 3rd ... automatically. I decide on the others on a case by case basis. For example, Strats and Rics aren't real fond of them. No idea why, they just sound better with something else.

And while I have absolutely no scientific proof of it, it's my gut level opinion that a wound 3rd helps Bigbys hold their tuning better. Just voodoo mojo magic stuff there, but I'm sticking with it!

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