What was the first forum or Internet “list” you ever joined and why?

wabash slim

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Feb 10, 2010
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Same as me. I found the 2 Gretsch sites in 2010 just after I acquired my first Gretsch, a 6120-1959LTV. I was researching all about Gretsch. I had never been interested to join any forum before that.
Right. I was just looking for info and got caught up in the camaraderie. Sites like this have a wealth of info.

I've looked at combo organ sites and still haven't found any info on British Bird organs. Being able to search online has been a treat. Found out that I had some Bill Lawrence pickups after 30+ years of trying to figure out where they came from. "Met" some great folks as well.


Aug 21, 2014
Music groups on Newsgroups during the dial-up days, along with the Steve Hoffman Music Corner forums. Long time ago.
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Aug 11, 2022
For me it was the mid 90’s and I joined the Internet BMW riders list called the “Big list” back then. I had been riding for 30 yrs at that point and finely could afford a BMW. I purchased a BMW Pool Bike sight unseen through our local dealer. They are bikes that BMW kept at their stunning state of the art facility in SoCal for use by BMW executives when in town and for magazine test reports.

“The Big List”, dialup and only text :eek:….But it was fun and I met some great people when we got together.

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A music and gear site name of "Harmony Central" way back in the early interweb days at the turn a the millennium
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Jun 2, 2008
I was very involved in a church and attended seminary for a few years, so I was active in a newsgroup discussing arcane theology late 90s-early 2000s. You don't want to get in between a Lutheran and a Catholic arguing over faith vs. works.
Them’s fightin’ words. :)



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Jul 23, 2019
I don’t think I joined any of those old online groups, but somehow remember downloading songs of chords and lyrics and tabs in ASCII from the original On-Line Guitar Archive OLGA, or maybe it was already a copy of the original. I still have some of those in an old music binder somewhere. A lot of that stuff came on line when I was in college and had university computers and email. Home access through their system was dial up and text terminal based like NCSA Telnet or Kermit. I had a 9600 baud modem for a while back then. My Dad had a 300 baud modem that had the mic and speaker receptacles for the telephone headset, so you could actually plug your phone onto it.

Update: I think it was the ftp site hosted at UNLV at the time, before they got shutdown.
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Feb 17, 2020
Highjacking my own thread….


Love your bike.

Sorry to say that the pic is not my bike, just one I grabbed off the net. Mine looked that good when new but that was many years ago. The pic bike has aftermarket handlebars too. By the time I bought my two GL-1000s (in the 1990s) they were both fitted with the Vetter fairings, bags and top boxes and I stripped that stuff off to get them close to original. They were amazing bikes. 600+ pounds but lots of HP and torque.

Currently own my 2018 NC-750X that I bought new but I'll be 71 in a few weeks and don't care to ride much anymore. Haven't decided whether I'll sell it or ship it back to Ohio as a gift for my son.


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Aug 15, 2018
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I used a site called FIREFLY in the mid-90s. It was kinda like myspace or facebook, but very slow and simple, except the fact that you had to know remedial HTML to post pictures etc. Also, nobody posted pics of themselves cuz that tech was hard to come by in those days. And dial-up internet made the whole process slow and often aggravating.

1999-2010 I spent basically no time on the internet cuz I was busy being a wild man, sowing my oats while bent on self-destruction.

I joined facebook in late 2010, but quit in early 2011 because it felt weird and gross. I have done some time with instagram off and on, but that can be another sewer.

Currently, I am a member of a few other guitar forums, but they’re not as great as GT.
If it weren’t for GT, I’d probably have zero web-presence.
I like it here.

Jim Krause

May 2, 2022
Lawrence, Kansas
I'm trying hard to remember. But I think it was a site called The Mudcat Cafe back in the '90s. It was a folk music interest site, and had a massive database of lyrics and midi files. It's still around. It seems to have migrated over to Facebook.

wabash slim

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Feb 10, 2010
lafayette in
I was very involved in a church and attended seminary for a few years, so I was active in a newsgroup discussing arcane theology late 90s-early 2000s. You don't want to get in between a Lutheran and a Catholic arguing over faith vs. works.
Look up the Emo Phillips story about the suicidal guy on the bridge.


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Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
Minnesota Timberwolves mailing list. Season ticket holder, big fan in the 90s up to the KG trade in 2005. Have hope again.
Mmmm… Gobert and KAT don’t seem an easy fit to me. AntMan though is a beast, I love him. 😉
(Huge Sixers fan here, and I always loved KG. I like villains in basketball 🤣🤣)


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Dec 23, 2010
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I don't frequent often , but I'm a member of 2 other forums :

U.M.G.F. ( Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum )
Modern Blues Harmonica / Dirty-South Blues Harp Forum


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Apr 27, 2010
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The first forum I joined was in 2009, it was a site for DIY stompboxes called, um, DIYstompboxes.

Really interesting to see how far the member's builds have come. The first ones were very rudimentary fuzz boxes built into Altoids tins and the like. Now, the guys are making digital doofahs with amazing housings, better than most of the big names.

Incidentally, it was where I first bumped into @hcsterg . His stompboxes were just as mind-bogglingly awesome as his amp builds.


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Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
Hard to recall ... it definitely goes back to dial-up days. Early to mid 90's. Probably the Sonic Youth message board. OLGA was a big one too.

I remember using CompuServe as my service provider at the time. Anybody remember them?

They offered far less of their own online content compared to AOL, but provided much better access to the Usenet and ftp stuff. Which at the time, was where the real internet lived.

If you were "serious" about the internet back then, you wouldn't touch AOL with a 10-foot pole. It was strictly the "internet for amateurs"!

LoL! Sure was a long, long time ago!


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Oct 18, 2015
My first and only forum to join was this one.
I was a lurker for some years before.
A member offered a used early version of the Nocturne Billy Brain and I joined to make contact.

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