Un-shiny my 6120?


May 21, 2022
Los Angeles
Hi, I'm oldguy. I bought a new Vintage Select '59 6120 in 2017.To my taste, the orange is too dark, and it's too glossy looking. Gretsch has since come out with better looking 6120's. Lighter, way less gloss, older, cooler looking. Wondering if it's possible to get mine to look like that. Or if it makes sense to get rid of this one and get a newer one. Thanks in advance.


Country Gent
Feb 17, 2020
You have to be very specific as to why you like the new ones better. Could you modify yours to where you could like it as much as the new?

But modifying anything about a 6120 is probably a mistake financially. The value would usually drop, depending on what you do.
Probably better off selling yours and buying the other.


Country Gent
May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Hello and welcome,
i am in the sell and buy another camp, as Tavo said the setzer smoke might be what you are looking for, eould love one myself but am happy enough with my 6120ssl.
Have thought if deglossing my annie though.