Three guitars walked into a bar…post yer trios here

J Bird

Dec 2, 2016
My three best and most used electric guitars.

A Squire CVC 60s Telecaster that I got a couple of years back.

My '79 7628 Committee that was my first and, for a long time, only electric guitar.

The one I play the most and always reach for first is the 5120 with a chambered Compton and HS Filtertrons.

All three got played this morning, and a bunch yesterday, too. There's definitely some overlap between all three, but each sounds a bit more different than similar to either other.


Country Gent
May 28, 2013
Savannah, GA
Cloud 9 on the right…featherlight and perfect for me.

Work in progress in the middle. Robert Cray neck on an Ice Blue Mexican Stratocaster body. I’ve got a buddy that’s dying to try the Plek so waiting for our road trip to bring this one to life.

To the left is a Squier that I got for a song when I was in a Classic Vibe frenzy last year. No intention of keeping it but it plays very nice (when it has strings). Just too lazy to list it and always hesitant to get rid of a player🫤.


Country Gent
Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
How 'bout a couple of trios?

Gretsch Trios.jpg

My Wall 'O' Gretsch! Wish I had a better pic, there's only so much the cellphone can do ...

LtoR: '78 7681 Atkins Super Axe, '99 6129-57T Silver Jet, '13 6139T-CBDC White Falcon, 99' 6120-60 Nashville, '02 3156 Historic Streamliner, '13 5022-CE Rancher Jumbo

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