Thom Bresh -- Vermillion


Mar 30, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Hey everyone! It would not surprise me if some of the folks on this forum knew the recently late Thom Bresh. He was a mentor and friend of mine, and his passing was a serious loss to the thumbstyle/CAAS folks. If you are not familiar with Thom or his work, do yourself a favor and check him out. Aside from the fact that Thom was Merle Travis' son, he was a fantastic songwriter, performer, and guitar player in his own right.

That said, this is a video of my performance of Thom's song, "Vermillion." I hope you all enjoy.



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Dec 23, 2010
tappan ny
Always a pleasure to hear you play Cody . I am so sorry that you lost your friend . The smile you give when you finished the song truly comes from your heart for your friend .
Thank you for sharing . Thom is proud of you , I can just tell