Thankful for a Gretsch Day


Oct 23, 2012
Turkey in the oven and hours before the glutenous family time, I get a break in the routine to play with my Gretsch guitars! Dust off some Christmas songs with the Chet, the duo got a full cleaning/maintenance and the 135th has a sitar issue across the bridge that I'll dig into. All the while deciding should I get another? Just got a bonus so that White Falcon is finally doable or maybe a Country Gent! Hmmmm. Anyone else spending some thankful Gretsch time???



Country Gent
May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Please, show me where there is a new/like new country club! for sale! They seem to be unobtainium at the moment.
Sorry my apologies as you said country gent not club.

Funnily enough one popped up in an online add here in Australia and had to at least check it out.



Friend of Fred
Platinum Member
Dec 27, 2017
Santa Cruz
It was acoustic time for me, my D18 and I hung out and played between Turkey day duties. I also finished upgrading the tuners on another acoustic and putting new 11’s on a tele. Those two projects happened early in the morning out in the garage as the rest of the house slept.

Sitting down for a moment waiting for our guests to arrive then we will be handing out the beer and wine as we wait to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody