TArmond noise..


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Dec 29, 2009
I’m surprised TV Jones doesn’t make the plastic cover slightly larger. Maybe reach out to TVJ if no one replies back with a fix.
Cut to sit flush with metal surround.. might try to get a razor between n glue but might be best to leave well enough alone…


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May 6, 2017
Cut to sit flush with metal surround.. might try to get a razor between n glue but might be best to leave well enough alone…

I wonder if a little contact cement would work. Removing the plastic entirely then applying. I used it once for to laminate over a counter top and it didn’t move. You apply to both sides that touch and wait 20 minutes and then put together. You can’t slide it around after it makes contact so it’s got to be lined up perfect when dropped on it.

I know with my OCD it would bother me. But you may be right and best to leave as is.


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May 13, 2018
I use nearly all single coil guitars gigging. I have no problem in solid body guitars with single coil pickups. I shield them all with the shield grounded to the bridge and the pots. The shield doesn't have to be a full shield.
The trouble is it is more difficult with hollow guitars. But some improvement can be made.

-Put a metal shield under the pots. I used a thin copper sheet on one hollow guitar. laid out and punched holes for the post/switch etc. There are many sold for this purpose, but you will probably have to make your own. Here's one for a Les Paul:
-Next you need to solder a ground to this plate, the bridge and output jack.
-I also may use a shielded wire for the ground on the output jack. Just solder the shield in that wire to a pot at one end only! Run the core wire as the actual ground.

-If there is any way to make a foil or copper strip to be below the pickups it will help a lot. More work though. The strip can be 2" or the width of the pickup, any thing helps, it's just a partial Faraday Cage to cut down on your pickup acting as an antenna.
-One option would be to make something like this that the pickup ring will hold in place. These must be grounded to everything else also! It could be supported by a pickup ring, pickguard, the guitar body or the pickup itself.
Anything like this helps:


Oct 20, 2019
Japan, Tokyo
I’ve owned 2 53RI Duo Jets,
And a 57RI with replacement T-Armonds.
So 3 sets in total.

I find that the noise is barely noticeable
with one OD pedal always on with the
master volume lowered.
That being said, the noise does get
intermittently loud whenever I’m within
2-3feet of the amp. But it’s quite random.


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Dec 29, 2009
Ya, this is bedroom noodling.. getting up n away from amp should limit the effect…
Im used to filters n never had this in my ear…definitely not a deal breaker. Just good to know it’s not just me🤪
Thanks all..


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Dec 29, 2009
On the pup top peeling, Guy from TVj got back and confirmed
1rst Gen TArmonds in Filter had laminated top..
seller didn’t disclose the problem prior to sale… all good though.
Hard to decide between the SS Filters and TArmonds.
Good problem….. D2B80514-169A-43D2-9262-9C075B6E455C.jpeg CFE2FDC3-5A72-422A-B1BF-9AECE551CABF.jpeg


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Aug 15, 2018
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On the subject of single coils:
As I stated earlier in the thread, other than my Gretschs, I always use single coils. 9 times out of 10, whatever hum I get doesn’t really bother me….
I played one of my teles at a gig in NH a couple nights ago. I was playing with a quiet trio (acoustic guitar/vocals, upright bass, my electric guitar).
Oh man, was my rig BUZZING.
I managed to use my vol. knob and tuning pedal as a mute between my fancy li’l frills and trills.
But yeah, that was pretty funny.
I kept it under control fairly well, I believe.

When playing Rock n’ Roll in a full band, the hum is a non-issue.
But with this little trio, I think I’ll be using filtertrons on stage from now on.