Suggestion for a boredom stopper for about 2 weeks

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Feb 10, 2010
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I will give it a look. Im still working on a book by Bill kruetzman from the Dead, had it for about a year, maybe half way through. Maybe if it was built into a thread here it should get finished.
That's a good read. Mickey Hart has three books out that are even better.
I had to stop halfway thru Warren Zevon's bio as it was just too depressing.


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Aug 26, 2011
Someone on another forum keeps posting Gittler guitars, they are expensive. So are a Steinberger Synapse and Keisel HH2X.

A Steinberger GT-Pro is cheap, you need to get the single ball string adaptor, STADG06. It's not really all that light.

I like my Synapse SS-2F, except that it doesn't have a tremolo. It lives on a modified stand behind a couch, the only guitar I leave out, 'cause I don't worry about it. I had to get the saddles modified to fit 11-56 strings. The Transcale ST-2FPA would keep you amused for at least a week. I would buy a Keisel HH2X just to get the trem.

Those Traveler guitars are not too expensive. I remember there was a minimalist travel guitar...Ministar. The Jamstik Guitar Trainer, how does that make sound? You would run out of frets pretty quick. ZXX Electric Silence Guitar.
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@freddyfingers so, hanging in there? Feeling any better?
Thanks for asking. I still have the sensation that if i move to quickly or lift a bag of groceries i will suffer immediate fall out. However the pains that felt like my kidneys went through a round or 2 of Mike Tyson has subsided. I did go and jam a bit in my yard, with my son bringing out mine and my wifes gear. I had to , as its summer and most of the homes around me are rentals with loud drunk rental people, so its my only payback. As long as i sit its not as bad. I need a thinner bodied guitar, as the pressure of the acoustic on my side triggers it a bit as well.

As they say in olden days, “stiff upper lip”.