Streamliner "Frugality?"

Lou Coppolino

Jul 23, 2022
Howell, NJ
Well, there's a special place in my heart for a unique instrument.

I like the word "Frugal".

It's the penthouse word used in place of cheap (low rent connotation).

I don't feel slighted.

In fact, those that look down (condecending) on Streamliners don't know what they're missing.

My "frugal" guitar and hope to have more..............

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Jul 10, 2019
NE Wisconsin, US
I bought mine as a platform for pickup testing but quickly feel in love with it. I may end up adding new tuners and a different bridge. Only time will tell on that. Streamliners get a lot of love around here. Congrats on the new guitar.


Aug 24, 2019
Athens, GA USA
Streamliners forever! When playing my G2622-P90 I never think, "yeah, but it's not my G6119 Rosewood Tenny (or my G5420)". She gets played and enjoyed everyday.


The artist formerly known as: Synchro
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Jun 2, 2008
That is a pretty great concept for a guitar. A P-90, and a hot humbucker, on a simple body. What’s not to love.


Mar 1, 2009
San Diego, CA
I keep looking at Streamliners and I know that I'm gonna end up with one soon. They are such a good value and the quality is impressive! I don't buy guitars often. I got my first Gretsch when the Electromatic 5120's first came out. Bought it for the same reason.... They were the "entry level" Gretsch with amazing quality in a Korean made guitar and the price was right ($499 new at GC in 2006)! ....and I still have it (swapped out the ol' Gretschbuckers for BT FilterTrons).... still one of my favorites!
Yep... a Streamliner is next.....


Apr 14, 2020
The Streamliner 2420 and 2410 are among the few Gretsch models with only parallel tone bar bracing on the top (no sound post, center block, or trestle). That makes them a bit more feedback prone, but also gives them a unique voice and loud, responsive acoustic character. Streamliners in general have their own wonderful character. They aren’t just cost-reduced Electros (knobs notwithstanding).


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Mar 4, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Streamliners are incredible value for the money. I bought a G2420T back in 2017, still play it every day. I have found it to be an excellent mod platform..over the years I've added a Compton bridge, new pickups, locking tuners, a Reverend squishy spring, and metal knobs. All in I've probably spent a few hundred more than I would have on a new Electromatic, but arguably my modded Streamliner is a better guitar. It certainly plays as well as a new Electromatic!
As others in the forum have noted, Gretsch 'entry level' guitars are a high quality offering.


Oct 18, 2021
I have 2 streamliners, a hollow 2420 and a semi hollow 2622. Both are good guitars with good necks and good fretwork. They are great guitars for the money, among the best guitars available in their price range IMO.
My 2420 needed some setup work and a bridge upgrade to get rid of lots of rattle (and improve the tone) but now sounds and plays great and stays in tune...
As good as the 2420 is my 2622 is even better. Right out of the box I've never touched the setup or replaced a thing. No fret buzz or bridge rattle. Sounds great and plays effortlessly. I never think "budget guitar" when I'm playing the 2622.
I often play my electric guitars unplugged, especially the hollow and semi hollows. The 2622 occupies an interesting niche between my semi hollow 335 and my hollow body Casino. Although the 2622 has a "center block" it is much more open internally than a 335. It actually is more like 2 rails that run down the center of the 2622 than a "center block." As a result it is louder unplugged than my 335 and sounds a bit more like the Casino but doesn't have the feedback of the Casino when plugged in. The 2622 also sits between the Casino and the 335 when it comes to upper fret access. The Casino neck joins the body at about the 17th fret. The 2622 neck joins the body at about the 19th fret and the 335 at the 20 or 21st fret. I'm not exactly sure why but the 2622 is also a little more comfortable for me to play than the 335 or the Casino.
If you haven't noticed by now I really like the 2622 regardless of the price..
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