Somebody stop me


May 4, 2013
Well, I need another Gretsch like I need a hole in my head. But, hey, another hole in my head might come in handy, someday. Especially, when I just purchased from LA Miles, his 2020 6120 EC back in May.
This showed up on my local CL and he was looking to trade. I'm kinda new to trading, usually just buy outright, but I had an amp he was interested in. So, we scheduled a meeting and made the deal. I traded my Reinhardt MI-6 amp and cab (bought it in 2007) and $500.
Felt like it was a fair deal as I've not played it for sometime and I hate selling amps and have to ship them ( but it was a sweet amp)
When he brought the Gretsch over he had switched out the dice knobs, truss rod cover and removed the pickguard. He had the original parts so I put them back on. Not sure, yet, if I'll switch it back. It has a beautiful tiger striped top and back, leaning towards quilted (I'm a sucker for a pretty face). Here's some pics with a group shot of the others . Left to right: my 1958 Duo Jet, 1959 6120, 2020 6120EC, and 2004 Gretsch 6120SSU Setzer.
2004 Gretsch G6120SSU


ssu2.jpg ssu3.jpg


Jun 29, 2022
Never ever fight GAS. If you can afford it, get it. You may tell yourself you don't have any need for a new guitar, but let's face it: We all need more guitars 😁


Friend of Fred
May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
Nice family you've got there, nightbird, especially with the newest addition!

As to stopping you, weeell, you really only need one more . . . the next "one," and the "one" after that, and the "one" after that, and . . . ;)😁

Dana Rudd

Country Gent
Nov 26, 2019
Greybull, WY
Very nice trade you made. That is a beautiful new addition. Great looking Gretsch family portrait.
What kind of guitar stands are those?