For Sale Reverend PA-1 Pete Anderson - Price Reduced


Country Gent
This guitar is one of favorite electrics. It’s in very good condition. I am selling as I am thinning my electric guitar collection since I no longer play in a band. Includes a Reverend hard shell case. The only mod to the guitar is the addition of Schaller strap locks. I have removed the stock pickguard as I like the look of the guitar without it, but will include it in the case.

For sale in the lower 48 only. Price is $1100 plus $100 shipping.


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Country Gent
Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
GLWTS ... I got to play one of these a few months ago, VERY nice guitar. Can't grab it myself right now, but somebody should. They won't be disappointed.


Feb 28, 2012
Broomfield, Colorado
I owned one of these in blond a few years ago and mistakenly sold bought an Anniversary edition in silver sparkle to replace it and assuage my regret. Rev's P-90s have a great, vintage sound with a little extra bite that I love. This semi-hollow body design is a great stage guitar, as I never get feedback on it, unlike my 5420 or the Tennessee Rose I once had. Rev's locking tuners and roller bridge helps keep it in tune...Plus the flat black finish looks really cool...

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