Reunited with an Eames classic


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Sep 22, 2012
My dad was an architect and he bought this Charles Eames lounge chair in London the early 60s. I grew up being told off for twirling round on it. But twirl i did. So fun.
When dad passed away 5 years ago i inherited it and shipped it to Chicago. And it got trashed on the way. Its taken me five years to be able to contemplate the restoration. I couldnt even bare to look at the broken pieces so i threw a sheet over it and shoved it in a corner of my studio. And today i collected it from Herman Miller who have done a fabulous job. Gone is the original Brazilian Rosewood (though i still have the pieces) and the chair looks as good as new. Something i shall enjoy till i pass it on to one of my kids. If youve ever wondered……yes they are incredibly comfortable. 025D7828-F5A0-4B84-950F-28A05162A843.jpeg 11C097C2-C314-4C2A-B8B2-82C103E74340.jpeg CF6615CE-FFA5-40BA-9D06-38C3812E091E.jpeg


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May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
mbkri, that chair has the look of sitting on a marshmallow. Congrats on restoring what can be a family heirloom and enjoy sitting in supreme comfort until it goes to the next generation.


Country Gent
Feb 25, 2011
New England
Seriously jealous of that! I love MCM design, and that's certainly an icon. I picked up not a knockoff, but a distant cousin (an Ekornes) for $50, and restored it myself. (This is the before, and I don't have an after handy!)


I Bleed Orange
Apr 9, 2014
Been trying to get my wife to buy one. Maybe I need to set an example and get one first. These are beautiful pieces of form and function. I'm jealous and happy for you!
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Aug 11, 2022
I first encountered these chairs as a kid in 1969. I was at a friend's weekend sleepover. Downstairs was his dad's man cave with two of these chairs (and ottomans!), dark paneled wood, two inch shag carpeting, a 27 inch Sony Trinitron console with this amazing game thingy called "Pong." The dad told me to sit in the chair. I did and it was wonderful. After a few minutes he said, "Good. Now get out of the chair and never come near it again." I didn't and it is still a happy memory. Cheers, lx.


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
I love designer chairs and the Eames chair in particular, maybe some day if we can afford to build a new house. 🙄

I had 3 good Wassily(Breuer) clones, and 2 original Pierre Paulin chairs. When I was on the island one Paulin got thrown in the trash by my uncle cause it was old(it needed upholstering)... 😖
Sold the house and didn’t have the space anymore, so I left the Breuers for the new owner, except for the other Paulin.


Oct 18, 2015
I really like old designer furniture. Wish I had the money to buy it.
My dream home would be a James-Bond- Villain- bungalow with furniture like that.