Removing pick gaurd?


Jul 4, 2020
Los Angeles
I was wondering if anybody has removed their pick gaurd, and if so what was done for the holes left by the screws for the pick gaurd. I've been thinking about removing my pick gaurd but the main thing that makes me nervous would be those screw holes and what to do with them.
Removing a pick guard on an LP is a subject for endless mindless debate on the LP forums, but just seems sort of wrong on a Gretsch.

Best thing to do with the holes left by the screws is to put the screws back into the holes and leave them there. When I've purchased a used LP without a pick guard, that's almost always what the previous owners have done.


May 3, 2022
I bought a Les Paul that didn’t come with a pickguard from the factory..

I bought a pickguard and the metal hoodad. Installed it and after a couple weeks decided I didn’t like ti now I have holes.

took the pickguard off my 5222 as soon as I got it home.


May 18, 2020
To me Gretsch pickguards look a little bit country. Taking them off makes them look a bit more jazz. Either way, no problem, just personal taste.


May 1, 2018
I take mine off my 6120, it’s just more comfortable to me and I like a little more stripped down look. I leave the holes as they are, they’re not big at all. Brian Setzer takes his off too, no issues. 56E75B1E-996B-4FE6-86B7-B428F6D25ED1.jpeg


May 11, 2011
São Paulo
I'm also on the stripped down look camp, I even removed the PU rings.


I prefer the aesthetic without guards but for me I don’t like the extra distance between the top of the guitar and the strings when I play with the guard removed. It feels uncomfortable. Just my opinion.

I agree with @Robbie that there will be a significant difference in the distance between the strings and the top of the pickguard vs the top of the guitar. As I play with a thumbpick, I actually appreciate the extra space of having no pickguard. One more thing: I know some people don't mind, but consider that you might damage your guitar finish without the pickguard, depending on how you play. YMMV.