Oct 18, 2015
Although I don`t own any reliced instrument I have to admit that some Strats that are reliced professionally (=not with a screwdriver) are looking very nice to me. Especially when the neck is done "right" they can feel like a well-worn instrument, which is basically a good thing imho.
Since I am one of these who are affraid to put the first blemish on a new instrument a reliced guitar would be easier for me to buy than a sparkling new one.
But as long as I get my guitars second-hand buying a reliced is not neccessary to me at all.


May 25, 2022
New York
I never got relic’d guitars either. And then I attended a Fender Custom Shop Road Show event, the last stop on the tour in 2019 at The Music Zoo on Long Island. The process of creating a relic’d guitar was described in detail and various examples were shown. Master builders could identify each other’s styles. Some amazing non relic’d master built guitars were also shown. It was a great evening.

Everyone who attended signed in by computer. Fender raffled off custom shop pickups, loaded pickguards, hats, t-shirts, straps and other cool stuff. The last thing they raffled off was the heavy relic CS ‘69 Stratocaster that was used as the demonstration guitar for the Road Show. I could barely stand when my name was called.

I brought it home and put the case on the dining room table. My wife asked, “What’s that? Did you get it at the event?” I opened the case. She took one look and asked me, “We’re they throwing it out?” 5CB9FE2B-FFFA-4EF6-AA8C-F9EBB9623D3F.jpeg 7DC93203-853C-4EE8-B4B2-0047F3798BF4.jpeg 39CF36C1-717B-4C09-9AEE-54234997FD71.jpeg EA1C1217-B247-4D65-937D-91ADE0871058.jpeg
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Aug 1, 2022
Gloucester England
It’s like tattoos…no thank you but I’ve seen some cool ones on other people😁

Like the ones above…really cool gentlemen!☝️
I’m with you. I prefer to buy a guitar and just play the damn thing for a few decades. I have pristine and I have beaten to hell, but nobody took wire wool and sandpaper to any of them. Honest wear only.

Always seems to me a bit like those girls walking around in ripped to shreds jeans that just makes me think that the city must have a bad bear attack problem. Sure, a few of my jeans have a rip, but usually that is because they are tissue thin through wear and close to becoming patch material.

Actually, pro tip. If you, like me, carry loads of junk (bunches of keys etc) in your pockets and tend to create holes in Jean pockets - if you are even remotely able to use a needle and thread or (not misogyny) have a better half who can - then use denim from knackered jeans to make denim pocket liners. Makes ‘em just about indestructible.


Jun 18, 2013
Oh whew, it’s been almost 90 seconds since the last relic-bashing thread. Lol.

What I don’t get is people starting threads about things they don’t like. Never made sense to me. But then again, maybe I just need to try it to understand the thrill. I’ll go give it a whirl and see.


Sep 1, 2020
I’d never pay extra for the bumps and bruises but I don’t mind when I put them there myself. I take care of my guitars but things happen. I have a few guitars that are ten years old now and they are like a comfortable pair of old shoes. It wouldn’t feel the same buying a guitar with faux wear.


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Oct 17, 2009
Montreal, Canada
Well, it's not a guitar but here is my reliced violin. Done about 120 or so years ago, trying to add another 100 years of age to an then young violin. No belt sanders on this, they used pointy tools, varnish and dirt.
120 years later and it kinda looks its age now and is pretty cool.





I do have two old guitars but they look like this because they are old.




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Feb 12, 2009
Where the action is!
Having played almost nothing but vintage for most of my life, I really don't care that much for a the look of a shiny new guitar. I'll be having my CS order aged, but not seriously relicked. I.e., no damage, checking, wear-through, but I will have them take down the shine and age the hardware. I guess I could go NOS and wait, but nah. And I have absolutely no issue with heavy relicking. It's not pousery, it's simply an aesthetic choice. I once owned a moderately, maybe even heavily relicked Nocaster. I didn't buy it because of the relicking, but it sure didn't bother me either.


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Jan 17, 2020
Jack Plate, Oregon
I'm not a big fan of the whole schtick. But I did buy a used Gibson Custom Shop from a friend that already had a decent amount of actual player wear, and I was glad. It's a beautiful instrument, but I can play it without having to worry about nicking it, and that gives me a great deal of freedom in how I can use it. I am a fairly physical player and simply can't stand in one place and make music.

My number 1 Les Paul is a '75 (I bought it from a friend in '77) that I have played very hard for many years, and even had to refret it once. It is worn down to the wood in many places from a lot of directly applied love.