Raccoon Forms A Friendship With A Deer Who Lost Her Mother


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Jun 2, 2008
Animals seem to know that they need to care for young animals, no matter what the species. I went for a bike ride today and ended up helping a young goat that got its head stuck in a fence.


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Dec 23, 2010
tappan ny
One day while working Animal Control , I came across a newborn fawn , just days old , laying in the gutter on the side of the road . Stoped , picked it up and walked across the road and placed it in the wooded area for safety . Got back in my truck , went to close to door , and the fawn was standing right by my door ...lol.

Walked it back into the wooded area further , back to the truck , and there she was ......LOL🤣

Ugh , back into the woods , down an embankment , back to my truck and sure enough I see her little head just above the embankment LOLOLOL 🤣🤣
She couldn't go any further so I knew she was safe and Mamma was nearby ...... that was a good day