Piezo....or is it Piezo?


Dec 29, 2019
Palm Desert
Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on the PRS SE hollow body piezo on YouTube. It’s been getting a lot of positive reviews and I’ve been casually thinking about getting a guitar with a piezo setup. It doesn’t appear that Gretsch has ever done a guitar with a piezo. Just wondering if anyone has played the PRS SE Piezo and if they could share their thoughts... actually if you could share you thoughts on a piezo setup specifically in a live performance environment I’d be interested. Currently I use a Line 6 700 acoustic variax for our acoustic songs, works fine.

Roy Clark

Jun 16, 2017
Bat cave.
My Italia has 2 jacks and a Peizo. So I like it. Korina body with fiberglass finish.


dr. love

Jun 2, 2008
I have a tele with Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles running to a stereo jack along with the standard magnetic pickups. With a mono cable you can blend both signals but I normally run a stereo to dual mono cable so I can run to two completely separate sources like the mag pickups to an amp and the piezo to a DI box/PA. This gives a lot of versatility and the acoustic sound, while it doesn’t equal my true acoustics, is good enough to be convincing in a mix without having to shuffle guitars.


Aug 8, 2019
Qld - Australia
I just saw a post somewhere about a week ago of a guy recording using an IR with a piezo guitar, it sounded like it would be very good on a stage. It didn't sound perfect, but better than a piezo.
This is recorded using an acoustic IR, and the PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. And a Helix. They've built a heap of their own Acoustic IR's, referencing a Gibson J45, a decent Martin and a McPherson and then set up to work with different inputs (different types of acoustic guitars AND different types of pickups). And they set up IR's specifically for that guitar (PRS).
Warning - they get way into the weeds...