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Jul 13, 2008
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You have truly faced THE most difficult challenge, SneakyPete -- I salute you for your courage and wish you all the best. Regarding the theft of your bike -- I'm inclined to agree with juks about braking several forum rules to describe my thoughts.


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Dec 26, 2009
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I've recently been able to ride my electric bike to the hospital appointments and this has helped my mind tremendously.
Everything I did during my aggregate half a year in hospital for leukaemia was to help my mind by acting as normal as I could. I always got up and got dressed each day and would work as much as I could for my company. I never wore that hospital gown a single time. And I got to the point where I would ride my bike to and/from the hospital from home as well as go out and ride around Regents Park between treatments.

My junky urban bike never got stolen though. It is infuriating that this happened to you.

They were just in the early days of immunotherapy in my time, and this isn't ancient history it was 5 years ago. There was a guy who got my strain of leukaemia a year after me and he told me the chemo didn't work but immunotherapy did, so I am very grateful for this medical progress.

Aside from the spinal tap intrathecals, my worst memories aren't from the chemo, but from the antibiotic treatments. My worst days were in winter and I remember putting my head against the cold window hoping it would somehow keep my temperature down so I wouldn't be subject to the antibiotic protocol. What the steroids used for removing defective white blood cells did to me was also legendary at the time and some of the nurses remember it to this day--think the Hulk but with no entertainment value, just the rage.

If you get a replacement electric bike, check out the Van Moof, it's super cool and loaded with security features. Hang in there---I was discharged after 5 years as a patient a couple of months ago. It does end.


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May 20, 2019
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Oh man that wins the worst day ever thread for this week, so sorry to read all of that.

I hope you get the bike back, I doubt it though, and I hope everything goes smoothly from here on in with the treatment, well as best as it can.

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