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May 24, 2020
@DJet5000 , welcome aboard! The next hundred (hopefully fewer) days will be a tantalising period of expectation for you, and your new friends on the forum! Keen to see some pics of your craft, and looking forward to seeing the new Sparkle Jet when it arrives. And hearing the story behind it.


Country Gent
Mar 20, 2010

Welcome to the forum, I am certain that you will love that awesome jet. They are available now, and I am sure that it is worth the short wait. These were advertised in late August 2021, maybe as a teaser to see if there was demand.
Honestly, the Turquoise knocked me over, we have several Duo Jets: Black, Silver Sparkle, Cadillac Green, Champagne Sparkle, and Red Sparkle Jets, and I felt that we didn't need another...but that Turquoise made me weak in the knees. I ordered it, thinking that it was actually available. I was told that they were on pre-order, and I was number 5 in line. It did finally show up on April 2, 2022.

I think that it was more amazing in person, I know that several people complained about the B7GP string through. I had no intonation issues, the nut was cut well. I did add nut lubricant and have had no issues with it going out of tune post bigsby use. The BT65 pickups sound Beatles-esque to me. I ordered a Brick's Biggsfix since I was waiting, to help with the steep departure from the bridge to the tension bar, but it didn't really need it.

The eye candy is just the start, the sound and play ability are equally impressive.

Welcome to the good taste club my friend.

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