NRD (new rack day)


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Jun 17, 2020
SoCal, USA
I've been thinking a lot about humidity and decided to steal someone's idea and make a humidified display rack from Ikea furniture, a few months ago. Due to supply chain issues I wasn't able to get a bookcase/glass door combo so I ended up with an armoire. I added a sheet of 11mm plywood to the back for strength and figured I'd just hang the semi-/hollow bodied guitars in there, and maybe try to keep the bassoon in there as well. First three pix show that effort, including lining the rear with an AC/DC-themed textile. Short story is that I decided to keep all of the guitars in the armoire so I built a hokey rack out of PVC pipe. Still a work in progress, and I can't make room for the bassoon, but at least the solid-bodied guitars' necks won't suffer any more.


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