NGD; players ed falcon, amazed…

Vlad the Inhaler

Jun 28, 2022
Has anyone ever bought a guitar so good it makes all your other guitars feel like DIRT>

before today this had never happened….

I purchased a players ed white falcon, on receiving it i am stunned… quality, playability and sound make all my other guitars unacceptable….

oh well good problem to have and bye bye 👋 to most of my guitars….

the quality on this instrument is mastergrade compared to any brand I’ve played/owned including gretsch…

truly stunned

thankyou you Fender & Gretsch Japan 🇯🇵


Friend of Fred
May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
Welcome to Gretsch-Talk, valued customer!

I have said that about most of my "new" guitars. I choose them because I heard and felt something exceptional. That's what makes downsizing so difficult.

Now, having said that, I can also understand your excitement over an exceptional White Falcon. Gretsch certainly does make excellent guitars, and I know, because I found three that I keep in the herd - a Tennessee Rose, a Pro Jet, and a 5420.