NGD, no jack plate and it does not need one 🙂


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Nov 26, 2020
Fremont, California
I did not break my no new guitars in 2023 yet. Ordered this 11:50 pm on the 31st 😄.

I never had an acoustic guitar and have been thinking that if I really want to learn to play, acoustic is needed. This showed up at GC for $400 which seemed a decent price as asking price on Reverb was 500+ and while I was pondering 2 of the three listed there sold.

I believe it is G3170, Korean made in early 2000s. Sadly the Dutch serial number site is down so can't check the actual year. I'm bit of a fan of the Historic Series so thus this fits the bill. It's comfortable to play and sounds very nice. And I think it's very pretty. Previous owner had taken good care of it as it has hardly any signs of use. Wanted to take pics in the sunshine but no such thing available in California anytime soon 😳.

20230109_193134.jpg 20230109_193208.jpg 20230109_193139.jpg 20230109_193148.jpg