NGD Here we go


May 29, 2014
10F018BF-0296-4F45-92DE-FBEB059D7827.jpeg EA61AC06-830A-4AF7-807A-B7CD80362A57.jpeg FDE8BFDF-A1DC-4176-BF44-EA87DA52AD37.jpeg G6620T PE in RoundUp orange, though not as orangey as the pic on the site. What can I say after playing it for only 30 minutes, well the basics. Neck is comfortable to my infant sized hands, not as comfy as the V on my hotrod but still nice. The sound from the HS Filtertrons aren’t bad, haven’t tried it with any pedals yet, I would imagine it is fine though. It is fairly resonate acoustically, has good sustain. Excellent craftsmanship out of Japan, as per usual. Looks quite nice, great combination of the silver, orange, and multiply binding. I love hollow and semi hollow guitars so it is difficult to be objective, but so far I love it!

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