NGD. G5230T Nick 13 Signature Electromatic Tiger Jet


May 14, 2023
The Netherlands
NGD. Gretsch G5230T Nick 13 Signature Electromatic Tiger Jet

Hi All,

I’m Nick and I think I might be an addict!

Three weeks ago I got my first Gretsch for my 54th birthday. A G5420T Electromatic. My absolute dream guitar. I wanted a hollowbody for so long. For the people who did not read my introduction post… in short, I just had my first lesson that week. I took my Samick dreadnought for that first lesson because the (new to me) 5420 needed a good clean and some new strings.

A good buddy who plays guitar for ages got me exited for other guitars and warned me that you soon collect more than one guitar. The 5420 in effect being my second guitar I could understand him. The thought of building my own guitar from a kit appealed to me also. I soon started looking to other types of guitars, and it was obvious to me that I should at least own a solid body some day. I liked the idea of maybe building a Les Paul style guitar.

Meanwhile I got really interested in Gretsch. I read the Tony Bacon book and downloaded old and new brochures from the Gretsch website. And I remember reading that the answer to a Les Paul from Gretsch came in the form of the Jet.

While looking through the Gretsch catalogue’s I noticed the Nick 13 Tiger Jet. At first I thought it would be cool to find a truss rod cover of a Nick 13 and maybe fit it to my 5420 if possible. Just because it spelled my own name.

And then yesterday night I was browsing the Dutch equivalent of ‘Craig’s List’ and I came across a G5230T Nick 13. That advert kept me up all night. I just could not let it go. On the one hand I thought it completely ridiculous to get yet another Gretsch while I can’t really play yet. And on the other hand it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I had been reading about it and watched numerous YouTube video’s during the night. The only thing that was a problem was that it was about 250km from where I live.

The guitar was on my mind almost all day. The guy just wanted € 280,- for the ‘like new’ 2 year old Nick 13 Tiger Jet. A young guy who had saved up for another guitar but was short a little money for the buy. Not being greedy, he just wanted enough for the Gretsch fast so he could buy what he wanted. Now my dad lives just 30km from where the guitar was and he offered to go pick it up if I could come to an agreement with the young guy. In the end I got the Tiger Jet with my name on it for € 280,- including a good quality gig bag.

I think I did okay on this deal. The guitar is absolutely like new. So in the space of about three weeks I got my Hollowbody and now a solid body. I’m really happy with both of them. And I can only admit that guitars can become an addiction real fast.

Thanks for watching.
Cheers, Nick


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Country Gent
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Jul 23, 2019
Those will cover a lot of territory for you, congrats and enjoy them!


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Jan 20, 2020
Hello and welcome. Two really very nice guitars to start a Gretsch collection. Congratulations!


May 14, 2023
The Netherlands
Aye,it's a slippery slope,but sure,what else are ya going to spend your money on! :)Congrats!

Next is a semi Acoustic ,then a 12 string then a bass, then a......;)

It’s not like I’m loaded, but…
I used to collect Zippo lighters. They were in their original boxes for many years. I just did not display them in a nice cabinet anymore. So I thought I’d see at eBay what they were worth. Turned out I had some special ones that were selling for way more than I ever payed for.

In the end I sold the lot for about € 1600,- all together. 😵‍💫
So now I‘ve blown half of that on Gretsches. I wanted one forever, and now I’ve got two.

I guess the rest will go towards guitar lessons. That’s not cheap either these days.