NGD! G2622 in Single Barrel Finish.

Jeremy Crockett

Dec 15, 2020
Port Saint Lucie, FL
So after some FedEx confusion, my new Gretsch arrived this afternoon. I had some concerns about the finish owing to inconsistent photographs on the Intarwebs but this thing is even more beautiful than I had hoped for and it feels GREAT in my inadequate hands.

My deepest thanks for the encouragement (it's a guitar forum, I didn't really expect any "noes") and reassurance (regarding the finish) I received here.

No more yammering, here she is:

G2622_05.jpg G2622_07.jpg G2622_09.jpg G2622_11.jpg G2622_12.jpg G2622_19.jpg G2622_24.jpg G2622_25.jpg G2622_29.jpg G2622_30.jpg

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