NGD Eman DG/TL 330 Ric Style 12 String


I Bleed Orange
May 17, 2009
Plymouth, MN
I've long loved THE BYRDS (Why is this happening? Every time I type the band's name, it's changed to all caps. It happened in another thread too. ) I've owned a few Rickenbacker 12 strings but haven't really gotten on with them. I've also lusted after a Dave Grohl Signature 330 in Pelham Blue. Last fall I contacted Englishman about combining the two, along with a dash of Trini Lopez & Gretsch. It was a difficult build but David sent me the guitar this week and it arrived safely today.

Dave Grohl/Trini Lopez/Barney Kessel body in Pelham Blue with HiLo Trons and Eman headstock with Rick style tuners. The inlays are abalone. It's semi-hollow. Nice fat D-shaped wide neck, Kind of like the Rick 660. Very comfortable player.

At least my 8th Eman Guitar. As always, excellent to work with, great work and a more than fair price.

(Pics will upload shortly; having issues with Photos.)


Country Gent
Jul 23, 2019


Congratulations to you and to E-man, he really out-did himself, though he has many other very impressive builds as well, this one speaks to me, and it says, "get yourself an E-man"

HOLY [radio-edit] that is [bleep] amazing!