NGD 🎉 Here’s my G6134T-140LTD


Jul 20, 2017
South Dakota
My thoughts so far is it’s got crisp cool Artic tones that cut through ice, moody blues and all the dark somber soundscapes I could hope for. I don’t want to put it down as it’s inspiring me to write new songs. I’m super stoked! A Gretsch with a great set up is all you need. She’s got a unique tone in comparison to the rest of my arsenal.
It’s a Penguin what more could a person want from an electric! I am sorely tempted by this one as well. But I’ve got my five year new guitar so it will wait. Congrats on that beast how do you like those pickups? I love my HS Filters in my Penguin and am very curious how these compare.


Senior Gretsch-Talker
Apr 9, 2014
Omg matching jeweled knobs. I'm in heaven. I've actually been searching for little plastic jewels to customize the standard ones, which had only ever come in red . . . until now.