New Compton Bridge for a New Gretsch Owner


Sep 1, 2020
View attachment 174476 Quick update. The Compton special bridge was a perfect drop in replacement and the pignose volume knob went on without issue (haha). I did have to open up the three way toggle and adjust it so the pickups engage consistently but that may be another upgrade later on. I also have one of those squishy reverend springs on the way to see how I like it.
Does anyone have any tips for the bridge height adjustment? Just curious. I like the height just fine but I like to know how to adjust my instruments and I’m guessing I would release the tension of the strings and use the…thumbwheels? Flat edge screwdriver? Thanks for all the support y’all.
A little late to the party, but I’m considering one of these bridges or the other style Compton. How is the intonation, and what about slot spacing for the strings? My 5422TG came with a TOM.