New additions to the herd...


Aug 8, 2022
Missouri City, Texas
A couple of new friends were added to the herd. I got a good deal on a G2217 Streamliner Junior Jet Club BT Limited Edition Electric Guitar Dark Cherry Metallic. Plays wonderfully! (Cheap! Only $279.99 at Guitar Center)
I also picked a used Rogue VB100 Violin Bass Guitar. It's in pretty much perfect condition, for only $183. I've bought some flat wound D'Addario Bass strings to restring it with ($51), but it sounds pretty damned good as is. I'm not much of a bass player, but I've been having good cheap fun with it.

As a side note, I have to say; that I really like this streamliner. It plays great, has an excellent sound, and doesn't feel like a boat anchor on a shoulder strap when standing. Overall, it's pretty awesome for a lower-end Gretsch. I'm not sure what makes it a limited edition, but it was cheaper than the other colors!

Stay frosty!


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