Mr Twangy

Dec 27, 2020
Well, I finally cracked and got one of these. I really wanted to get a valve amp but the missus said we're moving and it would be too fragile to move (she can say that because a few years back she witnessed my former Deluxe Reverb get smashed to bits in the back of a van. Anyway, I couldn't afford a decent tube rig anyway, and there's been so much hype about these Katanas. I think I like it a lot, but I think I am going to use it basically on the clean channel mostly using the booster effects on board or pedals (it takes pedals very well), but I don't really like the preset (Crunch, Lead and Brown) channels so far. As a clean amp it really sounds good, and when the speaker breaks in it will be better. I got into the Boss Tone Studio software and it's pretty good but I'm already tired of mouse-clicking. I just want to get some solid tones into the presets and then just work off the top panel on the amp. image1.jpeg