NAD Fender Bassman Reissue 2001 + sound clip


Aug 8, 2017
London, England
New old amp day. Been thinking about one of these for ages. This came up and on impulse I nabbed it. Fender Bassman Reissue 2001. Valves in it are NOS Phillips 6L6 WGB output valves, a mix of JJ and Electroharmonix 12ax7’s and a NOS rectifier (replacing the original solid state rectifier from factory). I bought from a UK name guitarist whose privacy I'll respect. He gigged and recorded with this from new to 2008 when he started using vintage amps.

Posted a Little riff clip from today using my 1975 Strat using a touch of Unit67 and Caline Pure Sky, Sennheiser E906 straight into Wavepad flat EQ. On Wednesday it'll be used at band rehearsal.


tone clip
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