My New G5230T has come home!


Apr 23, 2021
Congrats on the new guitar. I have one in black and love it, but the green is fantastic.

Lovely colour... shame about the Bigsby though!

I'm assuming you're serious, as the B50 is certainly much maligned, and I've struggled with mine. For the OP, if you're having tuning stability issues with the Bigsby, here's what I ended up doing that has made it much, much better:
1. Lubricated nut - the slots were cut well, so just went with the graphite lubrication approach.
2. Adjusted the mounting screws on the B50 to remove any possible resistance in the roller.
2. Replaced the frankly junky TOM bridge with a Wilkinson roller bridge. - I know people love to hate on roller bridges too, but it did work quite well for me, cleared up a small rattle, and it sounds just as good to my ear.
3. Replaced the spring with a Revered soft spring. - This for better Bigsby feel, and it now feels great.
You can look at a Compton or TruArc bridge, and I know people love them. I may go that direction at some point myself. You can also try some of the suggestions to string over the roller, remove it entirely, or replace with a BigsFix to change the break angle. I found none of these to be strictly necessary in my particular case, and I have a very usable B50 at the moment. Could it be better? Sure, and I'm going to keep playing with it as time goes on.

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