my gretsch is here and...


Feb 22, 2016
That’s a beauty!! I been contemplating a sparkle jet for some time now...seeing a gorgeous guitar like this just solidifies in my mind that I need to pull the trigger! Congratulations and enjoy it!


Dec 31, 2016
I bought it from imperial vintage guitars in the states, honestly the best packing I have ever seen! no live gigs anymore unfortunately, only in my living room.

Congrats on your beautiful new Sparkle Jet!

I drove down to Sherman Oaks in SoCal some years ago and horse traded some amplifiers with Tommy at Imperial Vintage Guitars, exchanging them for a new Fender EC Tremolux amp. At the time they had two shops one in Sherman Oaks and the other was in Burbank or Van Nuys. It was a real pleasure to meet Tommy and make a deal with him. And afterward he regularly updated me with info about guitars I was interested in. I've neglected to stay in touch with him recently, so I will have to drop him a line again soon.

I noticed on your Jet you have the tone pot control system with a master tone pot, rather than the tone switch circuit. How do you like the tone pot system compared to a tone switch system?

Sparkle Jet

Jul 10, 2014
Wake Forest
Congrats man, I have the same, but with Dynas instead of Filters. My blue pearl has the Filters. Liked them so much that they are my thumbnail! The silver sparkle is quite amazing to see in person.

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