Mastering On Spotify?


May 27, 2018
Brooklyn, Ny
Hey y'all, I been using SoundCloud as a way to get my Songs mastered, but I'm not sure. I feel like they always come out way too LOUD?

It's actually cool to adjust the mastering intensity and style, but I feel like I may be better off skipping the step.

Here are 2 versions of a track. One as a master and the unmastered. Which do you like? Played using a 5420T BTW!



Country Gent
May 15, 2020
The mastered version doesn't seem too loud to me. It does seem to lose some dynamics though. I tried to level match them and felt like the unmastered was livelier. It's a dense mix out of the gate and I would lean towards trying to retain as much of the dynamics as possible with a mix that dense. I don't know what the mastering process is on Soundcloud but if it were me, I might forgo it and just try some slight eq and a limiter to see if you could perceived loudness but keep the dynamics.