Interesting stories of how you came to own a guitar.


Country Gent
May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Like many people I like a good/interesting story about how someone ended up with an item and i thought surely a lot of us here have some cool stories of how you ended up owning a certain guitar or amp etc... or anything really.

So if you have a story lets read them, doesn't have to be award wining either any will do.

A few of my guitars have little stories, like:
My 6119 I ogled over it in a local shop for months until the day they had a closing down sale and got it for 40% off.
My white penguin i watched on gumtree for months not sure if i could make it possible, then sold everything in my house that wasn't bolted down to come up with the money.
Similar story with my 6118 which thankfully due to this forum i ended up with out of a member here being awesome.

But the best story i have is my Maton acoustic, at the time i was living in a unit complex with my wife (g/f at the time) and seeing as it was only a single car garage i had to park my car outside the complex as hers was in the carpark, due to being a smaller complex there were 2 large bins for general waste and 2 large bins for recycling at the entrance for everyone to use.

One morning as i walked to my car i noticed a headstock with a few broken tuning pegs just visible in the far corner of one of the bins, i didn't think much of it and went on to work, after I finished the day i returned home and notice the guitar was still there as the bins hadn't been emptied yet, it had now peaked my interest and i thought to myself that i would wait until later on in the night and check it out.

A few hours after the sun went down i grabbed our rubish bags and went down to the bins to see what it was, turned out it was a Maton M225 acoustic, now not a top line guitar but not a cheap one either, it was only sitting on the top so not covered in rubish so i pulled it out and took it up to our unit, it was well worn but still in good shape so $50 later for new tuners, strings and a good clean and it was playing again.