If There Were No Gretsch; What Would You Play

Lucky Jim

Oct 16, 2020
Kent, England
My '82 Schecter Tele and '82 Gibson ES-335 have served me well through four decades of gigging. No need for anything else but I always had a hankering for a Gretsch, particularly a Duo Jet or Country Gentleman. In the days before the Electromatic range was launched Gretsch guitars were even more expensive than Gibson in the UK so they remained an unjustifiable expense. A compromise came several years ago when I fitted Filtertrons to a partscaster Tele. Then finally a couple of years ago I 'accidentally' acquired two proline Duo Jets (a 53VS and a CLFG). They were a long time coming and very welcome but without them the Schecter and Gibson would still meet all my needs.

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