I want a new Tube amp


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Feb 13, 2012
I meant the circuit and sound. ;)
Ah, OK !

Schematic :


Sound : yes, think a VOX AC15 RI tone, rather smooth overdrive...

What did stops me to buy a VC15 was the absence of a general Master Volume, meaning that if you are not loud enough, you will have to correct two knobs instead of one, and so destroy your Drive/Clean balance each time. The same issue exists on number of other amps : Peavey, Fender, Engl...

Of course, following the schem above, you could transform the Tone control located between the grids of the EL84 into a Master Volume, but you would need to mess with the PCB, which may not be an easy task !



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Jun 17, 2020
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Here's a cheap one that is essentially a Laney Cub12

It's a legitimate tube amp with a real spring reverb in it and a good choice for very little money.
A friend bought the monoprice last summer while waiting for a new Supro Black Magick (or maybe it was an Amulet) to arrive. He likes the Monoprice so much that he still hasn't even plugged the Supro into his power strip.

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Mar 28, 2023
Here's a cheap one that is essentially a Laney Cub12

It's a legitimate tube amp with a real spring reverb in it and a good choice for very little money.
I can vouch for the Monoprice. I love mine. I use it with my G5237 Electromatic Double Jet and it sounds great even on the 1-watt setting. Great tube tone on the cheap. If you're on a budget it's a no-brainer. Get one!


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May 4, 2016
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I'm a fan of the Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue (22 watts). I can play my Gretsch guitars, my Strats, my PRS SE guitars, and my semi-hollows through it and they all sound good with a little tweaking of the tone knobs, and by choosing either the "normal" channel, or the "Vintage" channel. In my opinion, Gretsch guitars pair well with this amp.

I also have a Vox AC10 (10 watts) that I decided to buy while I was busy auditioning a Strat. I didn't buy the Strat, because I was so impressed by the amp, and I made it to be my purchase of the day. It is another amp that pairs well with all of my guitars.

Of these amps, the Deluxe Reverb Reissue could have enough volume to play a live venue without micing the amp. The AC10 would require a mic in a live venue, putting it through the PA and you'd be all set.

It all comes down to the tone that you want, and what size venues you want to play.


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Jun 9, 2021
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Looking for a new amp myself, and unless something else convinces me I need it, it'll end up being a Bugera V22 or V55. Decent overdrive sound but also takes pedals well.

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Aug 4, 2008
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My views are unpopular.
A Blues Jr. sounds good until you hear it next to a good amp. Then it sounds boxy.
A Princeton has the formula right in its name. It's a student amp.
A dinky amp with a dinky sound unless you mic it...or only play at home.
A 1x12 like a Deluxe is a vast improvement.
Maybe this is an odd suggestion to some, but a 4x10 combo sounds great at ANY volume.
The sound is so huge and fat, you almost don't need overdrive.
If you do, there are millions if pedals for that.
A Bassman or Super Reverb.
A little big to tote, but you'll always have a seat.
I also disagree about the efficiency of vintage amps.
The majority of Fender amps are going trouble free for 30 or 40 years without a hiccup.
The electrolytic should be renewed and resistor values checked about every 15 years.
A properly-serviced, well cared for eyelet board amp is stone hammer dependable.
This is a great time to buy a Super Reverb.


Aug 30, 2019
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Hi Gretsch friends

With g5622t I use a Blackstar ht20r- MK2, nice sounding amp if it works with no trouble. My unit seems to bold on a Monday 🥴 and is not reliable. So I think about to replace it. I like to play Blues, Blues rock and so on but no high gain stuff. Want a amp between 10 and 20 watt. What's you guys opinion about, what would you recommend??
I'm very happy with my Bugera V22 Infinium. I did swap out the factory tubes for JJs, but I'm not sure I really needed to. I also replaced the factory speaker with an Eminence Cannabis Rex, but only because I got it for a killer price.


Feb 23, 2018
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If you got the cash, then get one of these......

Majesty and Casino-3.jpg

You don't really need the extension cab or the Casino, Just the Majesty (now called Royalist, same amp, name changed in the first week for legal reasons leaving very few Majesty amp around).

Comes in 15Watt (EL84's) or 45Watt (EL34's) both got built in "Ironman" Attenuator.

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Jan 6, 2014
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Honestly, as much as I love tube amps, if you don’t have a good tech in your pocket I wouldn’t bother, esp an old one. I just had my old 71‘ Bassman head in for a tune up after about 5 yrs ago when it was gone thru and recapped. He resoldered some joints, tightened up the tube sockets, checked the bias, and generally went thru the whole thing. Cost me$90 in labor, and he’s an old guy in a small town who works cheap by todays big city prices.Keeping a vintage tube amp running requires a financial commitment and a good affordable and trustworthy technician at your disposal. With todays moldeling or even solid state analog technology you’d probably be better off with something like a Quilter, solid state Orange, or one of the great multi processors that are now available.
I'd have to say, $90 sounds like a STEAL with a beautiful vintage piece like a '71 Bassman. He did work that really RARELY needs to be done... maybe every 20 or 30 years or so. I'd love to get my '65 Twin "gone through" like that for $90... in L.A. NOT likely! Good for YOU!! Yay!


Jan 6, 2014
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Here ya go. May have to sell a few guitars, a car, the house…

View attachment 205173
Hmmm... yeah. Considering, with ALL due respect, they're essentially "reworked" vintage Fenders... you could fill a garage with those before you'd reach half this price. (Good job they added "OBO!") And would you REALLY hear that much difference, if any? I really don't know. (Admitting my ignorance & inexperience with 'em here.) Even if I'd won the $2 Billion lottery, I think I'd pass. I'm sure it's gorgeous, amazing, to die for and all that, but it'd go a LONG way to building a new studio! Or a new house... somewhere. Nice to dream...


Sep 23, 2011
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I love amps. I have a bunch. For 12-15 watts the all-star stand out is the Princeton Reverb. Blackface or silverface if you can afford it, 65 Reissue if you can't, 68 Custom if you like a little more grind, and the amazing Princeton Tonemaster if you like super light with an attenuator. Virtually all will like re-speakering. Eminence Copperhead for the 10" size and the Eminence 1258 Legend.

Either speaker will take you into stage/live drummer country. All of them respond well to pedals.

I still gig regularly and the PR is plenty for a band that isn't crazy loud and you get to open the amp and let it sing. If your band is too loud for a Princeton, your band is too loud.

I hope this is helpful.


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Mar 4, 2021
Fender Blues Junior. 15 Watts of great tube power - pristine cleans and when driven provides nice growl. Nice reverb and foot switch included to up the gain when needed.
Loud for a small amp too - you can gig with this. About $800 - a real steal for some great tone.
Blues Jr in Tweed. I was just playing my new Gretsch through it and was blown away with the power of the two.

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