I can’t stand……..


Country Gent
Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
I hate a food that tastes you as you are tasting it..:eek:
Jeez, the pic is awful (like almost any piece of raw meat) but I like it.
We use small pieces of it to prepare meat soup (in Italian called “Brodo”, broth) and then we eat them in slices (broth is supposed to be a first course, like consommé in France) with a oil+parsley+garlic+ chopped anchovies (for saltiness) marinated sauce. It tastes special.


Feb 12, 2011
Iowa City, IA
Aw man, I love cooked carrots. Wife hates them, so.....

What I can't stand is a crying/whining child that is running around a store but the mom never sees or hears it. Everyone else can, of course.
And bad crappy modern pop music of almost any sort. They pipe it in at my job. The wife says I can tell you never had kids because you can't tune it out. (See my above comment on the crying/whining kids above?) I didn't have any Jr. Teledrivers, but Mrs. Teledriver has 3, plus 10 grandkids (!!!). THEREFORE, I have 10 grandkids...there is no justice. Some joy, but no justice.


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Nov 13, 2009
Monkey Island
Cooked carrots.

Not my fav cooked vegg(love them in raw veggie salads, au julienne). Small ones are less fibery. Add a bit of sugar to the water to enhance the sweetness, and don't cook them into mush.
Combined with green peas it's a nice accompaniment(?) for a piece of sauteed white fish. Serve with cooked potatoes and a butter or mustard sauce.