How long did it take you to get your first Gretsch after you started playing guitar?


May 25, 2022
New York
There was no money for a Gretsch while I was in high school and college in the ‘60s. Then I took an extended break from playing to focus on my career and raise a family. I came back to guitar about 15 years ago, first on an Ovation acoustic I brought up from the basement and then on a Telecaster I won on an eBay auction. After two years of that I got my 6118T Annie. I wondered why I got it. Managing a guitar with a mud switch and individual volume controls that rolled off high frequencies faster than loudness was a challenge. I might have sold it but never got the right offer. That’s a good thing. All Annie needed was an equalizer to get rid of the mud and improve clarity and me to learn how to manage a complicated guitar, pedal, and amp, a Boogie. She’s now #1. So how long is that? Two years plus ten years of struggle? Does it matter? Time is emergent anyway… from the space time matrix where gravity lives.

Baba Joe

Feb 17, 2010
new jersey
Probably about a year and a half. I remember wanting a single pickup Corvette when I started playing but my parents said no because they didn’t think that I would stay with it . Then about a year and a half later I joined a band and bought my 1965 Tennessean in 1967. Quit playing (they were right) a couple of years later but kept the Tenny. Forty years later I started again and still have it today along with several other Gretsches.

Duo Slinger

Country Gent
Sep 11, 2020
California, USA
Nine months, but a Gretsch was the goal from the beginning. I knew I wanted an orange G5420, I knew it somewhere deep down when I kept looking at the model online a year before I even started playing the guitar. Furthermore, it was my first real guitar. My first guitar, the learner I had before I convinced my parents to combine my Christmas and birthday money for a used G5420 was a crappy little beater acoustic I got off of Amazon. For that reason, my Gretsch is my first "real" guitar, and first electric.