Hello from Colorado

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May 26, 2022
From one newbie to another: welcome! The folks here have been super helpful and kind in my first week here, hopefully you'll find the same. Very cool gear, jealous! : )
Thanks! I’ve had nothing but kind and welcoming interactions…
I’ve been collecting gear for a long time (getting up there), but thanks for the kind comment. I’m very thankful for what I have, and I practice with and gig nearly everything.
There are two items I’d love to have, but not sure if / i how I would ever be able to acquire them. Three.
1) A tweed Harvard
2) A 50s Duo Jet - Gallup style
3) A 52-54 blackguard
Way out of my reach…not holding my breath.


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Jun 2, 2008
We’ve had some tremendous hail storms in the past few years. There are many golf-balled cars about town. We needed our newish roof replaced 6 years ago from hail. Also had to get some dents out of my wife’s car two years back. What’s more, the wind this past year has been horrific. This limb is from last weekend as a result of a wind-weakened giant ash tree in our backyard. The backyard belongs to a neighbor, which is a real drag.
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I have that tree maintained annually, but due to all the gusts this year, some wet snow last Friday night did a ton of damage not just to my yard, but throughout the hood. I’m hoping this gnarly weather is only a cycle and straightens out soon.
In 26 years of life in Colorado, all I can say is that the weather there has been highly variable. I used to live less than 10 miles from the location of the Marshall fire, and the high winds in that area were no surprise. I did construction work in that area, early in my life, and the only t8me that the wind wasn’t blowing hard was when it was blowing even harder. An early September snowfall in 1969 saw tree limbs broken throughout the Denver metro area.

The Colorado Front Range is an area with four distinct seasons, and it’s quite possible to experience all four within any given 24 hour period. :)