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Butch Ammon

Jan 3, 2016
Richmond, VA
Welcome aboard!! I spent a lot of time over the border from Buffalo, NY to Fort Erie, Ontario Canada, back in my Coast Guard days along the Great Lakes. Lots of fond memories, and even a few "fuzzy memories" when bar hopping around Fort Erie and out towards the Welland Canal area. Canada had some of the best bars back in the 80's! :cool:


Mar 28, 2022
Thanks for all your warm welcomes! I’m approaching a new stage in life (retirement), and wanted a guitar that inspired me to play. This G5422 is just the ticket, I can’t pass by it without picking it up. I sold my MIA strat, traded in my Epiphone LP, and have this beautiful guitar and money in the bank towards a new amp (currently playing through amp sims in Logic). I mainly play low gain stuff, very into Julian Lage, Bill Frisell, Zane Carney, etc., plus some pop, and try to write my own stuff. Suggestions for a low wattage tube amp are welcome.

I’m in Ottawa by the way.



Apr 26, 2019
Hi, an interesting follow-up to my greeting post yesterday. It seems that Randy Bachman just yesterday wad reunited with a beloved Gretsch guitar that was stolen 45 years ago and on which he wrote several hit songs. Thought you'd find this interesting


Bumble 57

May 8, 2022
Durango Co
I’m really liking my Bugera V5 Infinium. .1, 1, or 5 watt attenuation. Simple to set the tones where you want. Easy to upgrade and not much money. I got mine from Sweetwater as a demo and like the simplicity and tones I’m getting. Hope this helps with your search for a low watt amp. And of course Welcome!
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