Giveaway Win a G6118T Players Edition Anniversary™ Hollow Body w/ String-Thru Bigsby®


Nov 9, 2022
Los Angeles
If everyone else is reluctant to contribute, my odds might be good;)

Hold up there, pardner...

I've seen through other sites that do this sort of thing, that the winner is usually someone new or with only a couple of posts in the last 5 years or so. So, as I sees it, I've got a darn good chance at this one! :D

Actually, I'd love to win this lovely guitar to experience, yet again, the wrath that is my Wife... Well that, AND it's a b*****n' guitar!

Seriously, these type of paid membership drives are just fine in my book; supports good sites with hard working mods and a lot of cool cats who dig guitars.

I'll sign up soon.

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Feb 11, 2013
I am retired and waiting for back surgery. Two bulging discs along with disc degenerative disease and the L5 vertebra has slipped from the S1. Consequently i have lots of time on my hands so i visit this site numerous times daily. Glad to lend a hand with a donation.


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Sep 22, 2012
Good Luck everyone .....
No, Rich that doesnt make sense. You cant wish us all good luck because we cant all be the lucky winner. You have to CHOOSE someone to wish luck my friend….who is going to be the recipient of your luck wish my dear, dear, online friend, old buddy, old pal?😊


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Jul 23, 2019
To enter simply click here and purchase a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Double Platinum account upgrade on the website by December 16, 2022.
Some other forums provide a mechanism to gift a membership upgrade for another user. When you find someone has been consistently and particularly helpful in their responses, or whatever, this is also a nice option to give another user that recognition. Is that possible here?

And maybe include a sticker with the forum logo on it too that you can put on your guitar case?

(PS-note to mods, I dog-eared my entry, so you know which one to pick for the winner! Did I just say that out loud?)
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I couldn’t begin to count the amount of times i have come here for advice. Not just advice, but worthwhile, and for the most part trust worthy. To say i have learned a lot here is an understatement. I have paid consideraby more for things in my life and have gotten nothing. I dont consider this a payment, its a due, that i am glad to finally be able to offer.

That being said, the amount of gas this forum has generated has cost me more than i can bare to calculate. The contest seems fun, and I never had a guitar with rolled fret boards. That seems like a brilliant option. Normally i like binding as it smooths out the sides of the neck and i dont feel frets, but does every thing need binding? Considering using the belt sander on some of my guitars to get that effect, and this is the forum that i would post that in to see what grade paper and horse power i would need. So thanks all!

Back in Black

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Jun 22, 2020
Ontario Canada
Show that you support and enjoy an advertising free experience at once! When you upgrade, you'll have a badge under your username that shows you support the site. You will see no ads and no sidebar and your contribution will go directly to support the operation of Members who upgrade will be entered into a drawing to win a Gretsch G6118T Players Edition Anniversary™ Hollow Body w/ String-Thru Bigsby®

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To enter simply click here and purchase a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Double Platinum account upgrade on the website by December 16, 2022. Each Account Upgrade comes with special account badging and provides entries in the Fundraiser Giveaway. The higher the Account Upgrade you purchase the more times your name will be represented in the drawing and the better your chances at winning. To enter, visit while logged into your account. A Silver upgrade comes with one (1) entry, a Gold comes with two (2) entries, a Platinum comes with five (5), and a Double Platinum Membership comes with ten (10) entries.

This is our first time having this fundraiser giveaway on, but we hold these drawings annually on sister sites like TDPRI, Strat-Talk, and more. If anyone has any questions post them here or PM me. A link to the official page for this fundraiser giveaway is below. That page has all the rules, terms, and conditions.

Gretsch is officially sponsoring this giveaway! To learn more about the prize check out

All the details of the giveaway can be found here:

Good Luck!

Thank you,

The best group of friends on the planet!!

The new condo, and the Lemmy Kilmister Signature basses have left the guitar budget a little short.

This prize would be a very welcome addition.


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Dec 5, 2019
"Having a raffle is a very common way of raising funds."
True - but tiering entries by dollar amount contributed just feels so wrong.
Perusing these pages, I can guesstemate who has and who doesn't have endless disposable cash.
Myself I have jamplay & truefire annuals along with Brian's Active Melody. Add to that another buck and a half a year for quite worthy patreon contributors.
So, to most perhaps $15 bucks is chump change but I'm still gonna do it. Just for the wealth of information I have garnered here for answers to questions I did not need to ask.
For anyone wondering, who is this clown? I posted a brutally honest intro thread that was too much for management to allow - I will follow up with pics of my toys which shall say all you need to know
Best of luck to all