Gretsch Pages down?


Friend of Fred
Feb 12, 2009
Where the action is!
As to The GDP folks I have no knowledge whatsoever, other than using their database a year or two ago, but I can only assume they have visions of sugarplums (or Benjamins) dancing in their heads over the IP they believe their database represents.
I don't think anything could be farther from the truth. I don't know this for a fact, but I strongly suspect that the GDP was more of a money pit than a revenue stream. And when it changed hands, my impression was not so much of a transaction, but that Baxter just couldn't handle it anymore and Rocky volunteered to take the reins and (try to) keep it alive. As for what's currently happening, my guess is that it's a last ditch effort to reorganize it into a format that won't be a nightmare to keep running, and if that's not successful, then it's going to be let go of altogether.

It was said above that forums are businesses. I have five regular forums:,,,, and I know for a fact that the first three all operate at a loss as a public service to the community of members with shared interests. I suspect the Gretsch Pages was as well. Gretsch-Talk is the only one of my regular forums that actually is a business venture. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just think it's a mistake to assume that profit is the motive of the GDP or many other smaller niche forums.

jim w

Oct 3, 2009
I hope it does come back, I was there for a long time, back in the days of Prez and Ursella. It was always quirky, and I know Tim B tried hard to keep it that way. At least I still have the 2 Gretsch Pages CDs :cool:


Feb 25, 2022
BC Canada
Well, it's really starting to look as though the Gretsch Pages is indeed done and dusted. Thought more than once about trying to contact Rocky directly but even his own email (on Streetsounds) seems to be problematic and to be honest, a call to the store from here on the PNWCoast just isn't that far up my priority ladder..

However, if there is a curious Easterner out there who is at least in Rocky's time zone, perhaps a phone inquiry might be what is needed to put an end to the speculation, curiosity and wondering.

Also- has anyone heard from Bax since Valentine's day? (the last time he sent me an email, which held out hope)


Apr 23, 2022
Manitoba, Canada
Thank you, Jim. I'm testing the waters. I don't have much choice! The world needs a Gretsch forum. Since the mighty original one went poof, this looks to be IT!
It's hard to leave home, especially when you feel like you're kind of being kicked out, and I do think that most of the GDP alumni would appreciate an official update of some kind (via this site) as to the true state of it's possible future(?). Still, home is where the heart is and sometimes we have to move on whether we like it or not. It's true that the feeling of being orphaned is not a very comforting one, but I must say that I am enjoying these new digs. And the presence of many key GDP brethren has helped to ease the way here. And there are many new and interesting Gretsch lovers to be found here as well. As always, it's more the people than the place, that makes home a good place to be.

I'd also like to send a kudo laden salute to the designer of gretsch-talk for a very smooth and seamless browsing experience. Even if/when the GDP resurfaces, I'll probably spend a considerable part of the time now perusing this very welcoming and informative the effort to solidify my membership here...


Dec 1, 2021
I still try to bring the GDP up once every week or two. After having read through the latest posts on the subject here at G-T I have reasoned with myself it is truly gone. To paraphrase Monty Python, it ceases to be. It is an ex-forum.