Gretsch G5422T cutting out


May 18, 2022
North Yorkshire
So I recently just bought an ex display Gretsch G5422T. It sounds and plays really good and it’s a bit of an improvement to my last guitar. But I noticed something strange when messing around with it. If i held the guitar with the strings facing the ceiling the signal from the amp with just cut out and no sound will come out of it ? It’s done this randomly and I’ve been trying to troubleshoot what’s wrong. I’ve check cables and amp which seems fine. I’ve never had a hollow body before so I didn’t know if it had something to do with it being a hollow body ?


Country Gent
Feb 17, 2020
Unfortunately, the wires are loose inside the body and can move around.
Not an easy problem to troubleshoot, you'll probably have to remove the harness to find a broken wire. It is probably the wire that runs from the pickup selector switch to the output jack.

I don't know your situation but I'd take it back to the store and get them to fix it.