Gretsch G2627T replacement pickups


Sep 22, 2022
Kansas City
Hey everyone, I just got a G2627t (it's a beautiful guitar!) and I was wondering if anyone else has issues with hitting that middle pickup when playing? I'm considering swapping the humbuckers for a smaller pickup to give me more room. Does anyone know where to get a 3 pickup configuration set of filtertron pickups? I can only seem to find neck and bridge but no middle!

Texas Slim

Jul 30, 2011
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Have you tried lowering the pickup? i have that model in green, the neck and the middle pickups are lowered to be flush with the top of the pickup rings, bridge is a bit higher, but not a lot. This seems to work, i can't really say the guitar is unusually quiet, but the boomy-ness is gone, and the tones are clean & clear. If replacing the pickups is a definite must-do, you can always use two neck pickups and one bridge.
Which color did you get?

Somebody will be along shortly to chastise you for not posting pictures of your new guitar, by the way....