Got to see Brad Paisley last night.


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May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Hey Guys,

I got the chance to see Brad Paisley last night on his first time here in Aus, have been a big fan of his for awhile now and was looking forward to when he would finally tour here. Also it was the first time I've seen a live act now for sometime due to the ways of the world the last few years so was good to be in a big audience again.

He put on a great show and man that guy can play, so if anyone has the chance to go see him live or considering it I would happily recommend you do as I don't think you would be disappointed.



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Dec 23, 2010
Tappan N.Y.
One of my favorite players ......
Fun fact : I heard an interview with him once . He's a big pedal geek . Brad said he and his wife have an agreement if they spend more than $500 on any item , they discuss it with each other . Then Brad said ....
" do you know how many pedals are under $500 " ........ my kind of guy 🤣


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May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
He has a good sense of humor which adds to the show, he grabbed one of the audiences phones to take a selfie with it and then posted it on her social media, and signed a Tele and gave it to a young girl in the crowd which was good to see.

That's cool with the whole $500.00 pedal thing, I wonder if I could get away with that too lol.


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May 28, 2013
Savannah, GA
Good deal! We drove many hours to see him back in 2004 or so. Great band too.

Unfortunately it was one of those nights where the audience got a little rowdy and it kind of threw off the performance a bit.

Paisley is a super talented dude and I’m sure you had a 💥 blast!


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May 25, 2022
New York
I saw him twice at Jones Beach on Long Island. Brad Paisley is not only a great singer and guitarist, he’s a great entertainer. He engages the audience. His songs tell stories you want to hear. He raised banter between songs to an art form using it to connect songs or set the stage for the next but never letting it become a distraction. His phrasing is nuanced when he solos, fast when he needs to be, but flash never replaces substance. He may be the end of the line. Country, at least as sung by male artists has descended to a let’s get drunk and hook up in the back of my truck genre. Contrast that with “Mud on the Tires”. He’s one of the few I’d go to see again.


Dec 18, 2020
At this point in my playing life, if I was going to sell my soul to the devil so I could play like one person on the planet...Brad Paisley would be a contender.

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