GHS Nickel Rockers vs Pyramid Monel


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May 28, 2013
Savannah, GA
Before I veered off the reservation for a few months I promised a review of the Pyramids vs my beloved GHS Nickel Rockers.

Moments long past but I feel the need to fulfill my commitment.

I trimmed and wound the Pyramid low E string on my favorite Stratocaster. Started winding it to tune but it was not a happy sound.

Looked up and the windings were unraveling from the tuner down.

Apparently there is some sort of crimping procedure necessary before clipping a Pyramid string but I was not interested any longer as I watched my small investment evaporate before my eyes.

GHS have never failed me and always sound great.

This round goes to the undisputed king of strings…GHS!


Jun 11, 2008
London, Ontario
You have to make a right angle bend on round core strings to prevent what you describe. It's common to all of them, and there is usually a warning/disclaimer to that effect Included in the packaging. I'm not sure you've scientifically proven that GHS makes the best strings, lol. For the record, I like Nickel Rockers, too as well as Pyramids and DR Pure Blues Roundcores.


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Nov 13, 2009
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LOL, you're supposed to bend the string ends at a sharp angle, than cut. Otherwise the winds roll off like beads on a broken necklace and the string goes dead instantly.
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Feb 21, 2022
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I assume the GHS Nickel Rockers being referred to are the "roller wound" Nickel Rockers where the strings are slightly flattened (not quite "flat wound"); I wonder if that keeps the winds from unraveling?
I too am a big fan of GHS strings. I especially like the Burnished Pure Nickel Rockers (which actually have hex cores) and sound great on Teles and have a long life. I also love the GHS Phosphor Bronze Low Tension Acoustic strings. The Low Tensions have thinner cores and thicker windings which really help with my old, small, and arthritic hands. They sound and feel great on my Gibson J-29.

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Feb 10, 2010
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I’ve never heard of GH Squier. There was the VC Squier string company, that was affiliated (owned?) by Fender when Leo was still at the helm.
GHS is still in Battle Creek. I don't know where I picked up the GH Squier tho. Wishful thinking? Extrapolation? I put 2+2 together and came up with 7?


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May 15, 2020
I recently tried some monel strings from Curt Mangan. The wound strings were noticeably quieter than the plains and I pulled them off. Might try them on my May Bell archtop as the gauge ought to work. I'm going to try them again on my Guild acoustic (LR Baggs M1 pup) and compare them to the phosphor bronze to see if there's much difference in the amplified sound.

But regarding Pyramid strings. I once tried a set of hand polished round core pure nickel and they were hands down, the best sounding strings I've ever had on my Reverend. I LOVED that sound. Unfortunately, the wrap separated from the core somewhere around the 9th fret. Had nothing to do with the installation. I got a replacement string from the retailer after explaining the situation but I couldn't justify spending the premium price when I felt I couldn't rely on them. But dang, they sounded so good!!!