Flatwounds on G5420


Oct 10, 2020
New Jersey
Has anyone tried flatwounds on a G5420? I just put a set of D'Addario Chromes 11-50 on mine and wow. Since I play a lot a of jazz I thought I'd give it a try. It was a game changer! Really brought out the tones both hight and low. No string squeak and nice bass thump. Think I'm sticking with these.


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Feb 16, 2013
A P&W playing brother recently installed D’Addario Chrome flats on one of his 5420’s.
Loves ‘em!


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Jul 13, 2011
I love TI jazz swing Flatwounds on my 5420 (with TV classics) a truly great sounding string, can't see me going back to roundwounds.

Trash Kidd

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Dec 14, 2015
London U.K.
I had a couple of years playing Thomastik Flatwounds on my 5420 & White Falcon.
Loved them.
I tried D’Addario chromes & didn’t like them at all. The Thomastiks felt & sounded miles better!
To be honest I’m not a fan of D’Addario strings anyway.
I’m back to roundwounds at the moment as I was missing a slightly grittier sound..


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Sep 4, 2009
Depends on a few things....flatwounds for jazz, western swing, rockabilly, rock n roll, I love that P90 sound on a semi acoustic. But not on everything . And Thomastiks hit the button for me more than D'Adds


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Jun 5, 2022
Sandy Or.
Second this, i use 11’s, the half rounds are the only thing goes on my 5120, absolutely love em
Agreed! I use D'Addario Half Rounds on everything. 10s on my Strat and Telecaster. 11s on my Gretsch, Jazzmaster and Jag. Plus I use D'Addario Flat Tops on my acoustics. 75% of the zing of roundwounds and no string squeak. Love 'em!



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Oct 21, 2014
Vancouver Island
I used T-I flatwound strings on the 5420 I had. Gave me the tone I wanted and never seemed to need replacing. I sold it to a friend who didn't change the strings for at least the first year he had it.. could still be on for all I know.

Caveat: I'm certainly not a "pro", and don't gig or anything, so its all just my opinion fwiw. But T-I's are worth every cent just for the longevity let alone the sound and tuning stability.


Lucky Jim

Oct 16, 2020
Kent, England
I don't own a 5420 but I do have flatwounds on my 6128 - Pyramid Gold 11s. I love the sound and feel of them. There's also a set of T-I 11s in the case that I will try when it's time to replace the Pyramids, just to see how they compare.

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